HVAF High Velocity Air Fuel Surface Grit Blasting Coating Application Applied Coating
HVAF: High Velocity Air Fuel
Uniquecoat Technologies' HVAF process, or High Velocity Air-Fuel, is a thermal spray process for deposition of high performance coatings from cemented carbide and metal powders for protection of parts against abrasion, erosion and corrosion.

HVAF coatings are similar to and are generally comparable to coatings produced by HVOF and Cold Spray. HVAF is a "warm spray" process that is cooler than HVOF, but hotter than Cold Spray. HVAF guns utilize axial powder injection into an air-fuel jet with a temperature of about 1900-1950°C. Therefore, the process is capable of effectively applying carbide-based materials, but since the air-fuel jet produces considerably less oxides than high temperature oxy-fuel jets, the HVAF process can also apply metals with almost zero oxidation, similar to Cold Spray. All common thermal spray powder materials may be applied with HVAF, except for ceramics.

High Velocity Air Fuel:

Drop in replacement for HVOF Easy to implement with existing spray booth and hardware.
Better quality coatings: higher density, better wear resistance, better bond strength Coatings perform better in service.
Faster spray rate Complete jobs in less time with less cost.
Higher deposit efficiency Use less powder to make coatings.
Much lower spare parts consumption Gun does not wear quickly, maintenance costs are vastly reduced.
Robust materials of construction Gun is not easily damaged by operator mistakes.
Easily configurable to spray a broad range of materials and achieve various coating properties An HVAF gun can spray practically any metal or cer-met by simply changing the hardware configuration.
No need to maintain oxygen storage Less real estate is required to set up an HVAF system.
No chilled water requirement Gun is easier to maintain, there is no mess when it is taken apart.
Portable Can be used in workshop or on-site.
Fully automatic Controller monitors inlet and outlet conditions to maintain set points.
Built in data logging Provides detailed record of spray history for documentation.
Unlimited recipe storage Store custom parameter sets with descriptive text for each coating material or part.
Autospray function completely automates spray process Saves time and labor, anyone can spray good coatings.
Grit blast with the gunOperators set parts one time, grit blasting and coating occur in one location. Greatly reduces preparation time and cost.
Remote diagnostics Factory assistance available at no charge, no need to wait for service technician to travel to customer site.