HVAF High Velocity Air Fuel Surface Grit Blasting Coating Application Applied Coating
UltraCoat™ Process Control System

All HVAF spray guns, including M3, M2, M2 Handheld, and ID series, are controlled by the UltraCoat HVAF process control system. The control system features an intuitive touch screen interface, that provides a single point of control for the entire spray operation.

The system integrates with the robot, lathe or turn tables, powder feeder, compressor, ventilation, vaporizer and all the safety switches. AutoSpray feature of the UltraCoat system permits a fully automated spray process, assuring the highest possible consistency of coating quality from batch to batch.

The touchscreen operator interface is intuitive and user-friendly, minimizing personnel training time.

System supports remote diagnostics by the factory, which can be done anywhere in the world where an internet connection is available.

  • Intuitive Touch Screen Interface
  • Fast Start Up with Start Up Control
  • Complete Process Monitoring with Auto Shut-Off
  • Full-featured Data Logging
  • Unlimited Recipes
  • SprayView™ Live Video Feed (shown)
  • Integrated Control of Analog and Weight Loss Powder Feeders
  • Integrated Control of Robot, Compressor, Vaporizer, Ventilation, Turn Tables and other Equipment
  • AutoSpray features permits fully automated spraying
  • Remote Diagnostics and Monitoring
  • ATEX Compliance